About Us

Drina Daisy strives to offer uncommon food that is approachable & satisfying. Our food is prepared & presented with a respect that comes from its ancient roots. We labor to celebrate the dignity of hard work & meaningful service. Drina Daisy is a place to relax with good food & good hearts. Drina Daisy seeks to bridge both time & place.

What is Bosnian Food?

Bosnian food is true "comfort food." It offers to those unfamiliar with it, pleasing new variations, easily substitutable for the familiar American standards like meat loaf with mashed potatoes or macaroni & cheese.

Bosnian food features substantial use of meats, cheeses, potatoes, various doughs, & breads cooked in a style with notable similarities to Mediterranean as well as Eastern European cuisines. The richness of the en trees is nicely balanced with a variety of fresh, cooked, or pickled vegetables & held together with ample quantities of the quintessential food, bread, or Hljeb, made fresh & in a number of distinctive styles.

Bosnian food has many dishes served with tasty broths or richly prepared with butter or sour cream. Most of the meat dishes are braised & slow cooked to allow deep, robust flavors to develop. Bosnian cooking features the frequent use of lamb, which like turkey, provides high levels of specific nutrients that induce a post meal fullness & satisfaction, as well as high nutritional value.

While Bosnian food is "ethnic," it is highly approachable. It uses limited amounts & types of spice, & the spices used are neither wildly exotic nor hot. Bosnian dishes frequently bring to mind a variety of familiar foods, which makes them seem less "foreign." Bosnian food seldom disappoints those who "risk" trying it.

Why the name, "Drina Daisy"?

The Drina is a river in the south of Bosnia with significant geo-cultural importance. Historically the Drina River has been described as the dividing point between Eastern & Western cultures. We see it not as a point of division, but rather as the point where cultures meet & come together. The bridge depicted in our logo is one of the most widely recognizable structures in Eastern Europe, the bridge over the Neretva River in Mostar located in south central Bosnia.

The Daisy is a simple, yet elegant flower that flourishes both here & in Bosnia. Our Daisy, however, is this & a bit more. Our Daisy is a very special lady, she is "our" Mother. Our Daisy was "transplanted" in this great Northwest from her native Florida by way of Astoria & its Tongue Point Naval Air Station during its peak activities of the 1940s.


Wednesday through Sunday
11:00am to 8:00pm
(Closed Monday & Tuesday)

Drina Daisy Bosnian Restaurant
915 Commercial Street
Astoria Oregon